Our outreach and education program includes sessions by volunteers in the areas of songwriting and creative writing, and life skills. Our programs have operated in Sydney Australia and one of our programs, Songpals, is now taking place in various locations across Alberta Canada. Expert journalists and life coaches are developing our Writing Classes, Men’s Sessions, Health & Well Being programs, Teen Sessions and exercise programs which we look forward to launching in 2014. We believe in empowerment through expression and learning, and that to make real change in our community that we need to serve everyone in our community. We look forward to adding to our Outreach Programs in 2014. If you are interested in volunteering, or having any of our programs in your organization, please contact us.


More about our programs:



Songpals is part of an Outreach Program provided by Every Woman Organization. In this program of group music classes, a professional songwriter would work with a group to help them create a song together that will represent their feelings, thoughts, beliefs and ambitions in life.  The group will create one song together and their song will be recorded and uploaded to a website.  They will then be put in touch with another group of students who have also completed the songwriting workshop and uploaded one song to the site.  These two groups of students will become “Songpals” for the year.  They will be asked to listen to and discuss their different songs, thus leading them into deeper conversations regarding similarities and differences in their lives.  They will continue their conversations periodically throughout the year, possibly sharing music that they enjoy, co-writing via internet and composing songs as individuals on topics of importance to them.




Students can be at any stage of their lives. Songpals has been hosted in primary schools, universities, children’s hospitals and women’s shelters and for a variety of age groups.


1.  Provide Recognition and Self Validation –  (Occurs during the writing process) To give a voice to the particular group of students by allowing them an opportunity to share their stories, ideas, feelings, life goals, etc.

2.  Increase Cross-Cultural Awareness – (Occurs during online interactions)  To connect via internet two groups of students with different socio-economic and/or cultural backgrounds so they can learn from one another and open their minds to the rich diversity of the world.

3.  Increase Self-Confidence –  (Occurs during writing, sharing and performing) To provide knowledge of songwriting and the opportunity to create music, share it and perform it for others.  This can be an incredibly empowering experience.


Additional Options:

1.  Creation of a compilation CD
2. Share video footage of the writing sessions with the young woman at the Every Woman Festival
3. Invite a select amount of these young women to share their song at the event by performing it live for our audience.


Songpals Recordings:

Listen to ‘Backpack of Burdens’ sung by  Justine Tyrell and Celia Rose, two of our Songpals leaders of Every Woman Organization. Written by Celia Rose, Justine Tyrell & EWO Songpals Program Participants of Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary:


Video Footage of Selected Previous Songpals Workshops:





MEN OF INTEGRITY- an Outreach Program provided by Every Woman Foundation.

Bridge the gap SMALL

Men of Integrity is an Outreach Program provided by Every Woman Foundation whichaims to introduce young men and men to a new way of thinking which is progressive, empowering and responsive. We aim to enable participants to feel secure in their manhood without achieving that feeling of security through the disempowerment of others. The program will help participants to examine how they see themselves and the roles they play in society by providing individual and group workshop situations in which to do so. We aim to expose participants to a new way of thinking, and to provide them with the skills and tools to implement this new way of thinking into their lives in order to live in a more positive way for themselves and for those around them.

*NB This program is life-coaching program which is not to be taken in replacement of professional psychiatric or other treatment for violent behavioral patterns.



The Men’s Program has variations designed for the following groups:

  1. Ages 10-13
  2. Ages 14-18
  3. Ages 18-25
  4. Ages 25 and above.
  5. Domestic violence perpetrators in voluntary rehabilitative situations (in this situation the program must be considered as an additive only to other psychiatric/professional treatment).
  6. Those wishing to create healthier relationships with their partners.


1. Develop a higher level of self-awareness

2. Provide recognition and self-validation

3. Increase cross-cultural Awareness

4. Increase self-confidence

5. Improve communication skills

6. Improve collaboration skills

7. Provide skills and tools to create healthy relationships


Activities Include:

  1. Group and individual engagement of participants in discussion of topics presented.
  2. Physical activities e.g. hiking day, group sports led by our program directors
  3. The opportunity to build confidence through activities such as speaking, songwriting, writing, team building exercises and more.
  4. Coaching- life planning, goals, ideas, feelings, communication skills, emotional intelligence exercises.





Coming soon. Meet the creator and director of our writing program- Yvonne Jeffery, former writer for the Calgary Herald:



*coming soon