All funds raised for Every Woman Festival 2012 will go to The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation 

One Australian woman dies every ten hours from ovarian cancer, an insidious disease that often strikes without warning or reason. Unfortunately no effective early screening method currently exists and as a result, the disease is usually well advanced when discovered, resulting in a high mortality rate.

Devastatingly more than 70% of women diagnosed die from this disease. The key to changing this statistic is “early detection”.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) was established in May 2000 and led by eminent gynaecological oncology specialist, Chairman l Co-Founder Associate Professor Thomas Jobling and CEO l Co-Founder Liz Heliotis.  It is the first national research body established to prosper research for this insidious disease.  The team is committed to furthering research into this currently not-well understood disease.  Through our study, it will be possible to develop a test to allow for early detection.  The second important aim of the Foundation’s research is to improve treatment methods, so that even those diagnosed in the later stages of the disease will enjoy a greatly enhanced future.  Ovarian cancer may not be the most common cancer in women but it is certainly one of the most life-threatening.  Incorrectly, over 50% of the community still believe a pap smear diagnoses ovarian cancer.


While ovarian cancer can only physically occur in women, its repercussions affect everyone. This disease is about wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, girlfriends, partners, families and friends.

The research undertaken by the OCRF is a unique marriage between the surgeon who sees the cancer in its ‘raw form’ and the laboratory scientist who has a better understanding of molecular biology. The combination of both gives us the best opportunity of advancing meaningful research into this terrible disease.

Although significant progress is being made into understanding the biological and overall management of ovarian cancer, this can only be continued with ongoing financial support.

To help achieve our research goals and to save women’s lives, the OCRF needs the financial support of the community in general.  We can change the statistics, with your help.


Visit www.ocrf.com.au or phone 1300 OVARIAN (1300 682 742) to make a donation or for more information.