The Goddess Philosophy


Pleasure or getting your goodies from life is a woman’s birthright, yet so often it’s swept aside and comes last on the list. I believe that living a life of pleasure is like a functioning muscle: Too much compromise too much putting others first and it becomes slack.

Women have somehow managed to become so geared to compromise, happily settling for “I’m tired, but I’m ok” most days; burning themselves out in the pursuit of career achievement or being a supermum; or allowing themselves to become rather invisible and simply functioning instead of truly living.

They rarely take the time to indulge themselves or take real pleasure in something…pleasure is seen as a luxury – yet researchers have found that levels of nitric oxide (a gas) in the body are linked to the how much pleasure or how much stress you allow yourself each day. Pleasure can be so many things: It’s watching a film that makes you cry buckets; volunteering at the homeless shelter; going for a walk along the coastal path in the rain; doing yoga, wearing yoga wear that lifts you up so you look your fabulous best (of course!); reading a novel from beginning to end; having a champagne fuelled lunch with the girls and laughing until you your face hurts; indulging in a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and music; having wild and exhilarating sex! Even the thought of pleasure gives you pleasure! So in a nutshell the more pleasurable your day/ your existence the higher your levels of nitric oxide and in turn the higher level of immunity to disease.

So the next time your partner asks you what you really want to do Friday night, instead of settling for “a video and take out” which is really what he’d like, how about saying instead: “I want you to massage my feet with warm oil, look deeply into my eyes and really see me” or “I want to sit naked at the table except for a pair of heels and I want you to feed me morsels of food whilst making me laugh madly!”

My philosophy’s all about helping women regain that confidence, sense of self and real energy to do whatever gives them pleasure and makes them feel great about themselves… and to do it a lot! Then you have surplus to give. When you have surplus you have energy for life.

Marina Jacoby * Yoga instructor, yogawear designer /Director of Marina J Yogawear