Every Woman Foundation dedicated to celebrating and empowering women. We are a group of passionate and like-minded women who are dedicated to working together to close the gaps in communities. The gap between men and women, between women themselves and between different groups within our communities; the gap between what we think we should be, what we are told we should be and who we actually are. We aim to give back to the community and get together in the face of oppressing social structures (race, class, age, ability, gender expression, sexuality, visual appearance) in the spirit of loving and helping each other, and, to provide education and empowerment through our outreach programs, events and our website. EWF was founded by Australian violinist Sophie Serafino, and has presences in Sydney (Australia), Calgary (Alberta Canada) and Edmonton (Alberta Canada), Boston (MA, USA) and partner programs in Malawi Africa.


What we do:

• Every Woman Organization hosts annual celebrations of International Women’s Day- Every Woman Festival, our signature event.

Outreach programs– Group Music Classes in performance (including Songpals), general music skills, and songwriting; Writing Lessons, Men’s Sessions, Teen Sessions, and partner programs (including The Support a Grandmother Program in Malawi Africa).

Education: free online videos, educational events and programs.

Every Woman Music– our music is available on iTunes. Currently free podcasts are available by artists who have participated in past Every Woman events. In 2014, we will launch tracks recorded especially for • Every Woman Organization, the proceeds of which go to selected women’s charities.

• In addition to our Outreach programs, Every Woman Organization also supports and raises awareness for women’s charities by sponsoring partner events, and raising awareness for our chosen charities through our own events.


Our aims:

• To celebrate and empower women

• To inspire people to bring people together in their own communities

• To work towards closing the gaps between women & women, men & women, and within one’s self.

• To empower and educate people to discover their own identity: be who you are


We aim to bring people together, to close the gaps; To encourage and empower people to find their gifts and be who they are; To create better communities for women and communities in general and to support charities we believe have the same goals. We believe there is nothing out there exists that brings women together in this way and we aim to bring people together, empower and celebrate women with this supportive organization. Click here to inquire about getting involved.


More information:

Our outreach and education program includes sessions by volunteers in the areas of songwriting and creative writing, and life skills. Our programs have operated in Sydney Australia and are now in various locations across Canada and the United States.

Our signature event celebrates International Women’s Day- The Every Woman Festival which is an annual event that has taken place in Paris France, Sydney Australia and was launched in Calgary Canada in 2013. Every Woman Foundation was created by internationally renowned entertainer performer Sophie Serafino. The inaugural Every Woman Festival Calgary was held in March 2013 at Gerry Thomas Gallery to a sold out audience of over 300, and the inaugural Every Woman Festival Edmonton was launched in March 2014 to a sold out audience of over 400 at Lexus South Pointe. The purpose of this non-profit event is to celebrate International Women’s Day, to bring the Calgary community together, and to raise awareness and monies for local women’s charities.

Our music team consists of performers and music teachers worldwide. Our music volunteers have performed at our events, volunteered to teach our group music classes that we donate to various schools, hospitals and shelters, and performed on our recordings for charity, the first of which, will be released in 2014. Expert journalists and life coaches are developing our Writing Classes, Men’s Sessions, Health & Well Being programs, Teen Sessions and exercise programs which we look forward to launching in 2014. We believe in empowerment through expression and learning, and that to make real change in our community, we need to serve everyone in our community. We look forward to adding to our Outreach Programs in 2014. If you are interested in volunteering, or having any of our programs in your organization, please contact us

The beginning: In 2008, five female music artists got together to perform as a female artist collective in Paris, at La Scene Bastille, lead by our Founder, Sophie Serafino. Three years later, on the 8th March 2011, the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, on Sophie’s return to Sydney Australia, we launched Every Woman Festival in Sydney Australia. In 2012 EWF took place in Sydney at Blue Beat Double Bay, and in Calgary, we commenced activities in 2012 and launched Every Woman Festival in March 2013, while Edmonton Canada was launched in March 2014.

In 2011, we supported Lou’s Place Sydney Australia and The FOCHTA Organisation in Malawi, Africa. Every Woman Festival also launched the Support A Grandmother Program in Malawi with FOCHTA. To find out more about previous events, click here.

In 2012, Every Woman Festival Sydney supported the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation of Australia, and Every Woman Organization Calgary supported The Canadian Foundation for Women’s Health . In 2013, Every Woman Festival Calgary supported Ovarian Cancer Canada, and Every Woman Organization supported The Servants Anonymous Society of Canada by sponsoring two of their events. In 2014, Every Woman Festival Calgary 2014 donated proceeds to The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta. Every Woman Festival Edmonton 2014 donated proceeds to WIN House Edmonton.

We aim to be a world wide festival for audiences of thousands, and an organization that inspires women to join together in the spirit of love, community service and celebration. If you are interested in running an Every Woman Festival event in your city, or are interested in volunteering for an Every Woman Festival that is running in your city, please email info@sophieserafino.com We are looking for new partnerships and volunteers in order to diversify and achieve our goals.

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We aim to create awareness around issues in our own communities and abroad, and change one attitude at a time. We believe that by changing the attitudes that underpin our society, we can create change, without excluding members of our communities. We want to start more conversations about what is happening around the globe. Currently, according to GlobalFootprints.org, of the 1.3 billion people living in poverty around the world, 70% are women. Women have come a long way in the last 100 years. Where to now, and how? Join us as we explore, discover, evolve and take action.




*Indicates EWF National Board Member

Calgary,  Canada 2014/15:

*Sophie Serafino – Founder & President of Every Woman Foundation Canada

*Kristen Hood- Chair, Calgary

*Justine Tyrell- Outreach Director

Maryse Daze- Events and Vice Chair

*Nancy Kujawinski (Celia Rose)- Music Director

*Zoe Klintburg

*Dionysius David

*Maria Plesa

Malika Rajani

Natasha Jiwani

Lynnette MacDonald

Steve Nagy

Sholley Powell

Ghada Al Altrash

June Round

Graham Stone



Edmonton, Canada 2014/15:

*Rowena Cui- Chair

Sarah Chan

Amanda Ash

Amor Carandang

Lauren Alston

Angelyn Schultz

Cory Christopher – Event Designer

Catherine Bangel – PR & Communications

Charles Rothman – Food and Beverage Consultant
Teresa Stange – Food and Beverage Liaison


Boston, MA, United States:

*Ellen Keiley- Chair

*Kevin Greenstein


The committee Australia:

EWF Australia is currently re-assembling for 2015.



For more information on past events, click here.